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Hi! I’m Logan and, not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty smart. I’ve helped many kids and teens dramatically raise their grades, most after just a few sessions!

Whether your grade school child is having problems with fractions or your teen just can’t wrap their head around Pre-Calculus, I can help!

I have a unique communication and teaching style that focuses on how your student learns. I specialize in helping youth on the spectrum and those with learning differences.

Best of all – sessions are offered at convenient times, at affordable prices, and always over video chat! It doesn’t matter where you are in the country – if you need help, Bandit Tutoring has your back!

So book a session today and set your child up for success with Bandit Tutoring!

Proven Track Record

I’ve helped kids of all ages reach their ideal grades!


Sessions are conducted via Facebook video or FaceTime

Subjects That Need Help The Most:

  • Maths 90%
  • Foreign Language 75%
  • Language 80%
  • All Other Subjects 50%


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Here’s how this works:

Purchase a session or a package of sessions. Once checkout is complete, you will be redirected to my calendar to book your first session. After your first session, we’ll have a quick chat about your availability and book your remaining sessions (if applicable).
It’s that easy!

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Grades Don’t Lie

He is amazing! Both my sons have raised their grades and love his clear teaching. Seriously better than most math teachers. Dian R.

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